Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bridges Named After Their Colors

Bridges named by its color
Green Bridge (just outside Chui Huay Lim)
Ang Kio (Red Bridge)
Pek Kio (White Bridge)
These bridges were named after their paint color and the area around them were once upon a time named after the bridges. The authority has the good sense to keep the color of  the bridges just the way they were.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Red Beret Presentation

Wei Kang earned his red beret on the 6th Oct 2016, Thursday, after completing a 72-km march early that morning. He had hardly slept for the past 3 days.  This is almost immediately after his 3-week Commando Hell training in Brunei.  All-in-all 10 months of training for this presentation. We heaved a sign of relief for the moment.

He is now limping especially after sitting down for a while.  We pray that he will recover fast as his training is still on-going.  The march is tough for him as a medic because there is a stretcher and a first aid kit to be rotated among 3 of them; a source of conflict as they were already burdened by the full battle order including the full pack.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

SAFRA Half Marathon, 28 Aug 2016, Sunday

WK ran under 56-minute for the 10-km run, top 9% for his age group.

I was so inspired that I headed for the gym, set the pace at 11 km/hour and sweat it out.  Well, I could only sustain for 14 minutes.

Monday, July 25, 2016

NDP Preview 23 July 2016

1. We were asked to wear red for the NDP preview and I conveniently wore my son’s NUS T-shirt for I don’t have a red T-shirt. The scarf is used to cover up the guilty.
2. I learnt about a lesser known Singapore legend: Badang, the strong man. He used his great strength to help people: building houses, carrying heavy load and digging fresh water well. This story has good moral values: using our strength to help others.
3. The undecipherable ancient text on the Singapore stone. This fragment is part of the stone that Badang threw into the Singapore River during a contest of strength.
4. Infra-red LED remote control. Simple circuit that we could have done it. In this case, a Russian company did it and the Chinese manufactured it.